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    We connect decision makers to rich and dynamic risk insights on public and private firms driving renewal in a wide range of industries, using our AI-driven KeyStone Compact platforms. Servicing both buy-side and sell-side financial firms, as well as municipal and federal clients in the government sector, we operate a suite of modular desktop and API products that transform non-financial data derived from a wide range of social media and other sources into actionable investment signals.

    Why Green FinTech

    In both developing and mature economies and industries, green renewal is a driver of economic growth. New cross-industry ecosystems emerge, corporations change strategies and lines of business. Supply chains are restructured, resulting in dramatic shifts in the distribution of value. Startups, small and medium enterprises - the lifeblood of the economy - have a leading role in shaping and responding to industrial renewal.


    Our mission is to algorithmically curate scalable investment opportunities for green growth.

    Our Story

    The company was founded in 2016, while working as a partner with the Global CleanTech Cluster Association, a Swiss Foundation focused on building out global supply chains for low carbon transitioning and sustainability. Drawing from empirical information of 54 economic development clusters in 27 countries, we set out to uncover value capture, industry relationships, and investment momentum across industries and geographies. Our tools codify - and learn from - this unstructured knowledge with company stage, geographic region and industry sector granularity.

    Work with Us

    We offer end-to-end macro- and microeconomic services around industry ecosystem analysis, algorithmic non-financial assessment of investment grade, asset allocation strategies, and blended finance fund designs. For more, check our YouTube Channel.

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  • Stats & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.


    Public and private companies analyzed

    Over $750M.

    Financing raised by top startups


    Industry sectors targeted


    Economic clusters/countries engaged


    KeyStone analysts trained


    Multi-Asset Renewal Funds Designed

  • Our Products

    Macro- and Micro-Economic Investment Insights at your Fingertips

    Economic Signaling

    Industry Dynamics

    Using lagging and leading indicators, we help you design economic investment strategies. Understand and leverage key assets in your region or company for industrial renewal, and job growth.


    Risk Analytics

    Stress Testing

    Key investment indicators based on unstructured data for companies across many investment domains. Identify critical success factors for leveraged debt, equity, or creative financing.


    For a free demo, contact us [email protected]corymbus.co

    Quant Fund Design-Investment Advisory

    We work with our clients to develop industry cluster-driven multi-asset funds, and asset allocation strategies customized to your investment objectives and risk:return profile.

  • Our Platform Tools

    Algorithmic Assessment of Unstructured Risk Metrics

    Value Capture Position

    Industry view of the firm

    How can the assets of a company be leveraged in the industry ecosystem or value chain where the company seeks to innovate or capture market value? Differentiation of the company's assets, and dependencies relative to other actors in the value chain are key.


    Investment Grade

    Investor view of the firm

    Given the value capture position, what is the investment opportunity in the company: bootstrap, non-equity, or equity investment models? Upside potential, and time-value of capital to achieve scale are key.

  • Documentation

    Description of the KeyStone Compact Tool for Emerging Businesses

  • Project Highlights

    Breakthrough Work Supporting our Client Services

    New! Multi-Asset Renewal Funds

    Hybrid alternative investment funds for institutional investors integrate industry-cluster based deal sourcing with KeyStone-driven asset allocation strategies.


    For more detail, see link.

    FinTech Toolkit for Fund Design

    With support from the Finnish Fund of Innovation, financial technologies were developed and deployed to drive industrial renewal by leveraging and revaluing corporate LOBs, SMEs and startup company assets.


    To access the document please see free download.

    Relational Mapping of Emerging Industry Clusters

    Mapping industry networks, identifying anchor and catalyst industries, and pinpointing 'white spaces' using financial and unstructured data.


    Use case: Ford Smart Mobility (link);  UM-SMART (link).

    Deploying Global Green Value Chains

    Our partner in low carbon transitioning, the GCCA focuses on global value chains and corporate-startup deal sourcing using D-Hubs

    Strategies for US Industrial Renewal

    We are working with the AJP (funded by JPB Foundation) to design strategic investment models for greening economies by leveraging in-state assets.


    For more on AJP, see link.

  • News and Media

    Corymbus milestones towards catalyzing industrial renewal

    GCCA and Corymbus partner in agreement with GLOBE Series

    Del Mar, CA (November 2016). The GCCA has signed a partnership agreement with GLOBE, to jointly organize its GLOBE Expo and GLOBE Capital conferences focused on CleanTech and Sustainability Finance. For more see GLOBE.

    Corymbus Asset Management headlines Swiss 'FinTech meets CleanTech' forum

    Zurich, Switzerland (November, 2016). Adriaens, Haeuselmann and Tahvanainen headline forum on integration of fintech in Swiss energy transitioning. FinTech startups, asset managers, investors and government officials set the course.

    Corymbus partners with the American Jobs Project to drive US low carbon transitioning

    Ann Arbor, USA (September, 2016). The American Jobs Project (AJP) focuses on a national assessment, business development, and investment strategy for transitioning states to low carbon economies. For more please see link.

    Corymbus selects Right Brain Networks for Enterprise Platform Development

    Ann Arbor, USA (October, 2016). Corymbus signed an agreement with RBN to design and develop its enterprise analytical platform as part of its SaaS strategy. Integrating scrapers and micro-services on a smart database structure, will allow the company to drive customer engagement.

    Tahvanainen briefs Finnish Government on MARFs

    Helsinki, Finland (10/26/2016). As Finland is finalizing its membership of Mission Innovation, a government investment roadmap for low carbon economies, Corymbus' Tahvanainen was invited to showcase the new multi-asset renewal funds, branded by Corymbus Asset Management.

    Corymbus Asset Management and GCCA to Partner at Major GTDI Initiative in Little Rock, AR

    Ann Arbor, MI (10/14/2016). Corymbus and GCCA will headline upcoming Global Technology Deployment Initiative and Later Stage Award presentation December 12-14, 2016 in Little Rock, AR.

    KeyStone Compact Group Ltd restructured as Corymbus Asset Management Inc.

    Delaware, RI (11/01/2016). KeyStone Compact Group Ltd, a former business intelligence consultancy, was restructured under new ownership as an asset management company. This reflects its position as an investment and portfolio advisory to institutional investors and non-profit clients.

    Switzerland Launches First Multi-Asset Renewal Fund

    Zurich, Switzerland (05/19/2016). The world's first Multi-Asset Renewal Fund (MARF) program is being developed in Finland since December 2013, in close collaboration with Corymbus Asset Management Inc. and the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA). The progress and success of the Finnish MARF program now leverages its learnings outside Finland. For more, see link

    Multi-Asset Industrial Renewal Funds at Global Summit

    Little Rock, AR (2016). KeyStone Compact tools will be showcased at the Global Solutions Summit themed: “Daunting Challenges and Dazzling Opportunities: Scaleable Technology Deployment for Sustainable Development.” Co-organized by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), the P80 Group Foundation (P80), and the Global Technology Deployment Initiative (GTDI) on December 13-14, 2016 at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. For more, see link.

    Finland Courts Pension Funds With Smart Multi-Asset Portfolio

    San Francisco, USA (2015). There is a need for alternative investment vehicles for large funds, that allow them to invest in a portfolio of growth companies in emerging industries. Finland is tackling this challenge head on, building a multi-asset Industrial Renewal Fund, featuring three growth portfolios: smart grid and utility infrastructure innovation, electric mobility and bio based chemistries. For more, see link.

    KeyStone Compact Group Investment Typology Assessment Tools Focuses on the Design of Multi-Asset Funds for Industrial Renewal

    Boston, USA (2015). Financial innovation project at Research Institute of Finnish Economy leads to new investment vehicles to connect pension funds with regional economic development. For more, see link.

  • Our Team


    Co-founder and CEO


    Entrepreneur with 20+ years global experience in green technology, business model and financial innovation. Co-inventor of the KeyStone Compact suite of tools. Professor at the University of Michigan, co-founder of Equarius Risk Analytics, a fintech firm, and the Global CleanTech Cluster Association.

    Co-founder and VP Sales


    Entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in Switzerland and US. Founder of the Flyer electric bike, co-founder of swisscleantech, and the Global CleanTech Cluster Association. Board member of the Global Technology Deployment Initiative (GTDI), and the P80 Foundation - a pension fund group.

    Co-founder and VP Product Development


    Entrepreneur with 5+ years of experience in energy storage, public and private equity analysis, and cybersecurity. Work history at Dassault Aviation (France), Fives (France), Hudson & Yorke (London), and the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Finland).

    VP Ecosystem Design & Analytics


    Entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in industry foresight and economic analysis, growth finance and technology transfer. Work history at Stanford University (US), Research Institute for the Finnish Economy, and Oraklon. Co-author of 'Financial Technology for Industrial Renewal'.

  • Our Partners

    Excellence from Product Development to Deployment

    Global CleanTech Cluster Assn.

    Channel Partner

    The GCCA builds out green value systems by connecting economic development clusters globally. The D-hub platform facilitates deal sourcing between corporates and startups. GCCA companies are assessed using KeyStone tools.

    Crowd Valley

    Digital Back Office Fund Management

    The digital back office for lending and investing, we have selected this San Francisco startup to facilitate the operations of the Multi-Asset Renewal Funds

    Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)


    Funded through the Finnish Fund for Innovation, ETLA employed KeyStone tools to assess hundreds of companies in over 15 industry sectors.

    Center for VC/PE Finance - University of Michigan (US)

    Development Partner - Training and Validation

    The Center partners with KCG on development of KeyStone Compact training materials, learning algorithms and diffusion of the tools to the investor practitioner community.

    Nordic Innovation Accelerator (NIA, Finland)

    Development Partner and Client

    A partner for deployment of Corporate - Emerging business KeyStone tools and design of hyper-customized funds for industrial renewal at the company-ecosystem level.

    UM Venture Center


    U-M Tech Transfer’s Venture Center is the one-stop hub for entrepreneurs and venture firms looking for U-M start-up opportunities. We are benchmarking company risk profiles using KeyStone Compact tools.

    Swiss Federal Office of Energy


    The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is the country's competence centre for issues relating to energy supply and energy use at the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC).



    A collaboration between the UM smart mobility office and Ford, we provide financial network and KeyStone analysis of the emerging smart mobility industry using KeyStone Emerging and KeyStone Enterprise..

    Right Brain Networks

    IT Development Partner

    Our cloud strategy and software architecture is designed in collaboration with RBN, an Ann Arbor company.

    Green Trade Office (Taiwan)


    A partner for deployment of KeyStone tools and design of multi-asset renewal funds in emerging sectors of the Taiwanese economy.

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